Favourite Nigerian snacks

Those who know me well know that food and me are inseparable. If I had a nickname, it’d be ‘lil miss piggy’. I eat many times throughout the day and I can munch a well-loaded plate of food like no man’s business. And no way is that more true than when it comes to Nigerian foods. Lucky for me, I also love to cook. So this weekend, I attempted to make meat pie for the first time ever.

Making meat pie got me thinking about my favourite Nigerian snacks. Akara with custard for breakfast. Puff puff washed down with a cold bottle of Cocoa Cola. Here are my favourite Nigerian snacks:

Nigerian suya

suya: a Nigerian-style shish kebab made with beef and various types of spices and herbs including onions and salt.

meat pie

meat pie: a savory popular Nigerian snack, made with meat or chicken, flour, potatoes and carrots.

cocounut candy

cocounut candy: made with freshly grated coconut, this chewy, sweet, crunchy Nigerian snack is a top favourite.

plantain chips

plantain chips: plantain chips are made with un-ripened plantain, different from dodo, which are made from ripped plantain. This is my favourite snack to make – it’s easy and fast.


akara: this is another Nigerian snack made with beans and traditionally deep fried in palm oil.

moi moi

moi moi: made from beans and assorted spices, this snack can serve as an appetizer or side dish.


buns: a tasty deep fried snack, buns are made with flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, eggs, and water.

puff puff

puff puff: puff puff are tasty, spongy snacks made with flour, sugar and other common ingredients.

chin chin

chin chin: fried until crispy brown, this crunchy snack is to die for.


dodo: a very common Nigerian food, dodo or fried ripe plantain can be served as a snack or side dish.


eggroll: a deep fried snack made with batter and boiled eggs inside.





























































If you’re interested in making any of the snacks above, allnigerianrecipes.com and avartsycooking.com are good resources for Nigerian recipes. I especially like the ‘request a recipe’ and ‘visual recipe index’ features on AvartsyCooking’s website.

Happy eatings!

~ by omonaij on March 25, 2012.

3 Responses to “Favourite Nigerian snacks”

  1. […] for the ingredients we needed for our pepper soup, jollof rice, rice & stew, pounded yam, Nigerian snacks and much more.  I was my sister’s right-hand person during our outings, and Christmas shopping […]

  2. Wow these look absolutely delish!!!! Will you be posting recipes? I’m particularly interested in the akara and moi moi. Thanks so much for the share!

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