Skype ruined my Sunday

I used to love Skype. Heck, a few years ago, I was a walking ad for Skype.

I’ve had Skype for some years now and I’ve used it a lot, especially when I lived in Asia. I came back from Asia two and a half years ago and have used Skype less. I actually haven’t used it much since Asia, which is why Skype sent me a warning email in March that my account is inactive…and something about deactivation I think. So I reloaded my account and got back to using Skype again.

Maybe it’s just me but Skype is different than it was when I used it the years before.

I’m sure everything is great when you’re skyping from computer to computer. My issue is that Skype is frustrating when you’re buying credits. The system is inconvenient, unreliable, too much hassle – definitely not the peace of mind I was looking for.

I have an “Unlimited World” subscription. My “Purchase History” shows my purchase was “delivered” May 25. Today is May 27. Now I can’t make calls because I have “No Credits” – even though my credits were delivered TWO DAYS AGO.

The best part of this is me trying to find the contact information for Skype. While I was hoping to find a 1-800-###-#### number, I found this instead: “We don’t currently offer telephone support“, Skype says. So I have to send an email, hoping it gets picked up in the queue and someone replies back to me ON TIME.

So in the meantime, I can’t make calls. I have to wait for however long it takes Skype to resolve the issue or wait for my credits to show up on my account…whichever happens first. And in the meantime, I have to hold off on making Skype calls. I thought Skype would be reliable so I disconnected the long distance package I had with my landline service provider. Now I’m stuck. No landline to call from, no Skype – and I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking to buy a calling card. So really, never mind the families and friends I promised I will call today.

If this is what I have to go through each time I have a Skype issue – not being able to speak to someone directly or resolve the issue promptly – I’ll just have to deactivate my account. I have other useful ways to spend my money than pay for a service I’m not receiving.

When I buy Skype credits, I expect the credits to show on my account and be readily available when I need to use them. This is 2012, I should not have to wait how ever many days to have my Skype credits show on my account.

P.S – Skype, you best be ready to refund my money back or prorate it.


~ by omonaij on May 27, 2012.

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