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Hello world!

You might know me on Facebook as “Osas Osas”, or “OHsAHs Osas” on Twitter. Some friends have nicknamed me Sass, Sassy, Osassinator or Sassy McSass. The real name is…well, Osas. If you know much about Nigerian names, you can tell that Osas is short for something. Osas is an Edo/Benin name that could be short for Osamudiamen, Osaze, Osadebamwen, Osaro, Osamede and the list goes on.  My full name is Osayuwamen.

Quick facts

  • My Personality Dimensions colours are: Green, Gold, Blue, Orange. This also means I’m anal-retentive and like making lists.
  • I blog first, for fun. Second, to share info about all things Nigeria
  • I haven’t been home to Nigeria in 15 years
  • I have nearly 3 decades on a newborn baby
  • I work in Communications for a healthcare organization

Feeling at home in the world

  • I’ve lived in: Nigeria (my heart), Canada (my home), South Korea (my playground)
  • I’ve been to: Bermuda, Italy, Germany, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, China, India, Cambodia,
  • I want to visit: Zanzibar (for the beaches), Namibia (for sand-boarding), Morocco (for the food), Croatia, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea

Interesting facts

  • I don’t have a ‘favourite’ for anything. Not a favourite book, food, or movie.
  • Some might say I have interesting/weird food combination.  I can enjoy a plate of blueberry waffles with icecream on top and slices of avocado on the side for dinner just like I would frenchfries dipped in thick, real mushroom soup.
  • If you ever catch me in a cranky mood, here’s a checklist of why: I’m hungry, cold, sleep deprived or dehydrated. It’s highly recommended and best practice that you ‘check all that apply’ on the list.
  • I secretly wish I were a web-wizard

HoBbiEs: creative writing, photography, traveling, eating, sleeping, blogging

Interests: new ventures, all things web, development projects Nigeria/Africa, interesting/fun bloggers


~ by omonaij on June 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “Meet your blogger”

  1. hey nice to meet you, did you ever attend word of faith college in benin

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