One-way relationships

one-way relationshipsI adore the people in my life who call me, send me an email or a text message or do other things as a way to keep in touch. I also adore the people in my life who do none of those yet wonder why they haven’t heard from me in years.

The answer to that question is what I’m beginning to practice before I see those people in two weeks. My oldest brother is getting married – and I can hardly wait to see family and friends who expect so much from a one-way relationship. I’m not sure what I’ll say to them but I know once I start getting lectures about how I don’t call them often enough, a little voice in my head will first lol, saying something like ‘Na wa o. See me see trouble’.

Nigerians and other Africans alike, some family members and friends like to lecture me about keeping in touch. Sometimes, I feel like it’s just a saying, an irrelevant part of a conversation when I get the lecture from people I have actually made an effort to keep in touch with.

What can a person say to those people? I’m no longer in school so excuses about keeping in touchschool PLUS work won’t cut it anymore. I’ve been back from South Korea for nearly three years so I can’t blame it on the 10+ hour time difference either.

Maybe instead of trying to avoid those people or think of legitimate excuses, I should approach them first, give them a big fat hug and say something like ‘Aunty, na wa o. Why you just forget me? I no dey hear from you again’.

~ by omonaij on July 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “One-way relationships”

  1. Pls i have a degree in education english language and wish to teach in korea. I’ll love to know if nigerians are eligible for such jobs in korea.

    • O’val – Nigerians I know who teach abroad are those with citizenship from other countries, preferably from other English speaking countries. You should research it, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of useful info.

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