My Christmas gift ideas

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 5.18.56 PMUp until a few years ago, I barely bought my own clothes and anything relating to fashion. Most of those things came from my relatives and friends for my birthday, graduations, Christmases and other occasions. Christmas was the best, I got just about any materials things I wanted.

But I don’t want anything like that this Christmas – material things that is (especially since I’ve been nagged, continuously, to downsize my walk-in closet).  So this year, I’m going to do just that – no, not the closet downsize part – ask for non-material things for Christmas.

I’ve made a list for the four people I share a home with: my two older brothers, sister-in-law and my husband. So far, I came up with three ideas and my husband helped me out with one. I’ve designed a mini poster for each of the four Christmas gift ideas I’m trying to sell my family on. The way this is going to work is that I will put the four mini posters in envelopes with nothing written on the envelopes and then have each person choose one.  The best part about these Christmas gifts ideas is that they’re cheap.

Here are my four Christmas gift ideas and the reasons I chose them:

  • A family tradition—I love family traditions, especially a holiday/Christmas tradition. Right now, we don’t have one per se. But me and my siblings are just beginning to start our own families and it would be nice to have something for all of us (and our kids) to celebrate together every year.
  • A family fun day—It’s unfortunate that me and my housemates have turned into talkers, wishful thinkers but lack action. We often come up with great ideas about spending time together but none of us actually follows through to make it happen. For example, we’ve been planning to go sledding for the past two winter seasons. How easy is that, right? But nope, we still haven’t done it. I think assigning someone to organize a family fun day is a good way we might be able to accomplish one of our many ideas about spending more time together.
  • A family (road) trip—all of us love to travel, whether that’s domestic or international. We have a lot of fun together when we travel (even when someone ends up in jail).
  • A family fundraiser—Ok, this one would be a gift for me personally. If I were to choose a career other than Public Relations/Communications, I would start my own charity. I love to give back to the community, especially when I get to do that in a very hands-on way, like building a house or a school (which I’ve never done but would LOVE to do). This Christmas gift idea would also work well because my housemates feel the same way.

My Christmas gift ideas are cost-effective for my housemates:

  • A family tradition—there is no cost associated with this idea because all the housemate has to do is brainstorm a feasible family tradition we can all sustain and participate in no matter where we end up moving to or living in the world (my family has a habit of exploring new places).
  • A family fun day—this idea could be cheap. If we do something with costs, each person will pay for themselves. If  we do something small like a games night, the housemate will buy things like snacks and drinks or pay for everyone if we go sledding.
  • A family (road) trip—all the housemate has to do for this idea is organize the trip and we’ll individually pay our own costs like gas or plane ticket, foods, and hotel (if necessary).
  • A family fundraiser—this is another idea that won’t cost the housemate any money. The housemate’s role is to brainstorm a charity we could give to, organize the fundraiser, including registering everyone or ordering t-shirts (if needed). Each housemate will pay for his/her own costs such as a registration fee.

My housemates will choose their envelopes this weekend. I might write a post to share update when each idea is completed.

In the meantime, feel free to share your gift ideas for any occasion!

HAPPY Holidays.

~ by omonaij on December 9, 2012.

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  1. […] the holidays, I wrote a blog post about what I wanted for Christmas from my mini family. I had four Christmas gift ideas for the four people I live with, not including our families that are spread out around the world. […]

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