Nigeria, home sweet home…?!

I recently visited family and friends in east coast Canada, where I used to live. And I must say I was very taken aback by how beautiful Halifax is. I felt like a tourist in my own old city, oohing and aaahing about how the place is gradually developing from restaurants to shops to new communities for families. I lived in Halifax and later moved to Dartmouth where there are a lot of lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean is practical on my front porch. So yes, my jaw was constantly on the floor about the ocean views, and nothing beats driving along the coast. I would move there to settle down in a heartbeat if Canada’s Ocean Playground met some of the key criteria on my list: tropic/sub-tropical climate, sunny weather + water views.

My visit to Halifax got me thinking about Nigeria. I’ll be going ‘back home’ later this year and I can’t help but think about ‘home’ the way it was when I left it. I know it’s impossible that Nigeria would still be the same way I left it many years ago, still, I want everything to be just as they were. But I know my old school is called something totally different now, Benin City has improved a bit, and some parts of the country are in worst conditions than ever before. So for that, I’ve decided to start on a clean slate. That means:

  • setting no expectations.
  • realizing I won’t have all the amenities I’m spoiled with here.
  • accepting that society runs differently in that part of the world.

I want to enjoy my visit and absorb the culture and traditions I miss so very much, taking everything with a grain of salt instead of complaining. I’m super excited about my visit and I can hardly wait.

~ by omonaij on May 26, 2013.

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