5 tips for naturalistas to save money

5 tips for naturalistas to save moneyYou can say I’m spoilt. For as long as I can remember, I’ve often gotten my hair done (mostly braids) either for a very low price or for free. I’ve known a few people over the years who could hook me up with hair stylists that would give me good deal. My older brother was one of those people, and other times, a friend of mine would do my hair.

I’ve also learned to reduce how much I spend on my nappy roots by doing things by myself instead of going to a salon and also by evaluating my hair spending habits. The only time I might spend a bit of money these days is for my hair care products, including shampoos and conditioners.

If you’re a naturalist looking to save money caring for your hair, here are three things you can do to achieve that:

1.     Do your own hair

Single-strand twists on natural hair. Twists/braids with extensions. Weaves. Cuts. Treatments. And deep conditioning. These are things you can learn to do by yourself, for yourself. Doing these services on your own will save you some money instead of going to the hairdresser, and we all know how expensive they can be.

Unless when I have a specific hairstyle in mind, I’m v.e.r.y easy going when it comes to my nappy roots. Perfection isn’t something I strive for when I single-strand twist my hair, experiment with home remedy treatments and conditioners or when I chopped an inch (or more) off my hair three weeks ago (first time cutting my own hair). I do it for the experience and fun—and because I know as a mom later down the road, I’m going to need to learn how to do all these things.

I normally go to a salon when I want to get my hair trimmed. The lady I go to tells me each time that trimming is much easier when the hair is straight. So first, she blow dries my hair (unnecessary heat), flat irons it (MORE unnecessary heat) then trims it. In the end I pay her $60 and I leave angry for applying that much heat to my hair. Three weeks ago, I trimmed my hair (in all its nappiness glory). It took me about an hour and a half, and cost me nothing. I did it by feeling for where split ends/damage to the hair started and then I cut that portion off. If there was damage, I chopped it off without worrying about how much I chopped off. I figured there was no point of keeping any damaged hair just because I didn’t want to cut too much off. Hair is hair, it’ll always grow back. I rather my hair be healthier short than damaged long. Again, this is where I’m very easy going about my hair.

There are tons of online videos and resources to help you with just about anything you want to do with your hair. So forget those salon appointments, start doing your own hair and save your money!

2.     Make your own hair products

Like I said, I might get my hair done for free often but I spend when it comes to my hair care products—especially since I use only organic/natural hair care products. That said, I still save a lot. This year, I spent under $300 for my hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, and apple cider vinegar. I then make my own creams, spritz, clarifying mix, deep conditioners, and styling lotion from these products. This year is almost over and I haven’t gone through half of the products I bought (except for the store bought conditioners because I cowash often).

I can make different things that’ll last me all year round with the products I buy.  And so can you if you make your own hair care products.

3.     Eliminate unnecessary hair products/tools

I sometimes get into the habit of having things just because I can or should. Back in the day, I had a blow dryer that I used maybe twice a year. I also had a curling iron during the time when I actually hated the kind of curls you get from a curling iron. Added to the list was a flat iron. I actually abused this tool until I saw the damage it caused to my hair (which is why I had to do a “Big Chop” 2 yrs ago) and decided never to put unnecessary heat in my hair any more.

I said goodbye to these hair tools and I’ve never looked back since.

I air dry my hair or towel dry it carefully. I don’t miss the flat iron because I’m still emotionally recovering from the damage it left behind. And I’m still not a big fan of the type of curls you get from a curling iron, I rather twist or braid my hair to get the curls I want/like. If that fails to do the trick, I’ll FINALLY use the flexi rods I bought over a year ago…which leads to the next tip…

4.     Buy only the things you need—and WILL use

This is something I’m getting a better handle on—not just for my hair, but for everything. I tend to buy things that I think I’ll use later down the road whereas in reality, those things end up collecting dust somewhere. Whenever I feel that I’m falling off track while shopping, I always remind myself with three little word: need or want?, or a phrase like: ‘I really want that. But do I need it, NO’. Then I move a long. I know it sounds silly, but that’s what works for me. If you have this impulsive behaviour, you can come up with a solution that does the trick for you.

5.     Join a natural hair club

I haven’t done this yet, I just think it’d be such a great community to be a part of. I’m not even sure if something like this exists in Edmonton, and I’ll love to start one if it doesn’t already. My ideal naturalistas hair club will bring naturalistas together to discuss natural hair, problems, and come up solutions. The community will also include a ‘skill 4 service’ part where members can offer to share their skills in this area for a service. Any who, if you have something like this is your area, I say sign up fast. If you don’t, start one. Join any group you think will help you in your hair journey—you might learn some tricks that will help you save money on your hair!

I hope these 5 tips help you save better while still looking as fabulous in all your kinks and glory!

Happy Saving!

~ by omonaij on October 27, 2013.

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