Tired of my “winter hair”

Ice On Whyte festival - Edmonton

posing with a Despicable Me (love love the movies) minion at an ice carving festival.
It’s super cold in Edmonton so you have to bundle up warmly…especially the hair.

I miss my twa (teeny weeny afro) and I want it back.

I don’t know about your hair but winter is brutal on mine and it did a lot of damage last season. I hadn’t done a protective style in about two years (which is a long time for me) and leaving my twa out all year round for those two harsh winters caused a lot of dryness (no matter how much I tried to retain moisture in my hair) and ultimately breakage. That’s why I normally do protective styles throughout the winter months and then have fun with my twa from spring to fall.

I’m bored with the protective style (which I call my “winter hair”) that I have right now and I want it off stat. I have single braids that are a little bit below my shoulders. I had it done in late October and mid-February is my deadline to remove the braids and give my twa about a week of a breather before I do a second round of braids.

I normally like my hair in braids but I’ve been fed up with my 2013/2014 winter hair since day one. I think it might be because I REALLY like setting my twa free, and it’s just so much fun styling it and I even miss the tedious routines/processes of caring for it. I miss feeling the texture of all that nappiness and strands in my hands. I also want these braids gone because the X-pression synthetic braiding hair I used this time is horrible. I used #2, one of the colours I normally buy, #s: 1B (off black), 2 (dark brown) or 33 (dark auburn/reddish brown). I like X-pression for the light feel of it yet giving the braids nice movement/flow. This #2 this time around does feel light but there isn’t any movement. My braids have been in constant “stiff mode” since I put them in. They don’t move this way, or that way,…they just sit there…stiff and knotted.

I’ve been using X-pression for a long time without any issues. Oh well, this just means it’s time to get rid of this “winter hair”, and maybe try a different style or brand for my next round of protective style/braids.

Happy NaPpY braiding!

~ by omonaij on February 9, 2014.

5 Responses to “Tired of my “winter hair””

  1. Hey there lady. I randomly googled ‘Natural hair community Edmonton’ and your page popped up. I’d love to connect with fellow Africans in the city- it can get very quiet here. Love that you are natural as well, I was starting to feel like the only one in Edmonton (clearly there are others out there!).

    • Hi Ruth, yes, there are A LOT of Africans in Edmonton and some good African events that bring everyone together. The number of people sporting natural hairstyles is plentiful too. So yes…there’s hope 🙂 Are you new to Edmonton?

      • No, I’ve been here a couple of years now. I am however yet to connect and create a base of good friends 🙂 I know that can take time. How long have you been in Edmonton?

      • for sure, it can take time to make new friends in a new city. i’ve been here a couple of years too and the first half of it was focused on school and job. Have you tried organized events like Edmonton Sports and Social Club or UoA Outdoor club? Those are good for making new friends 🙂

  2. […] I got tired of my “winter hair” and took out the braids two weeks ago. I had the protective style for about three months and it […]

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