Natural hair as a lifestyle

Natural hair as a lifestyle, twa, OmoNaij

rocking my NaPpInEsS

I started my natural hair group—Nappy Roots Edmonton—about four months ago. The idea raised a few eyebrows when I first told my friends and family. And I think the hair group will always make some people ask ‘why?’ or ‘who cares?’, at least that’s the impression I get from people even if they don’t say it.

I’m a big fan of asking those two questions too, which is actually why I created Nappy Roots Edmonton in the first place—to meet fellow napturalistas who do care. To connect with people who embrace and are as passionate about their nappyness as I am, and to share ideas and tips on how to best care for our hair. For me, having natural hair isn’t a trend, the new in-thing, or a phase. Wearing my hair in all its nappy, kinky, coily glory is a lifestyle.

This lifestyle isn’t always easy. It’s time consuming and labour intensive. When I have my braids (with or without extensions), it takes me about two minutes to do my hair in the morning. When I rock my twa fro hair, it takes me a good 10-15 mins to pretty my nappy roots, and that’s if I already have a style in mind. When I don’t know what I want to do with my hair, it takes up to 30 mins of trials and errors and a lot of sighs and ‘UGH’. I not only wear my hair naturally, I don’t put chemicals in my hair either. I avoid putting damaging products in my hair and instead make some of the products myself with ingredients from whole foods stores like the Vitamin Farm in Edmonton, Planet Organic or Sangster’s. This can also be time consuming and labour intensive as I go from store to store, trying to find the ingredients I need or following the process required to make the concoctions once I’ve gathered everything. That run-around’s nothing compare to the daily. Weekly and monthly routines I follow to pre-poo my hair, deep condition, detangle, keep my hair moist, prep for bedtime, and so much more.

None of that is easy, it takes a lot of work—consistently. But I do it any way. And I do all that because it’s part of my holistic approach to life. I’m careful about the things I put in my body and on my skin. My hair is no different. I drink water (a lot of it) instead of coffee or soft drinks. I try my best to eat healthy, as much as I hate vegetables (I’m a fruit gal). I make my own body lotion with pure ingredients like shea and cocoa butters instead of commercial products that have chemicals I can’t pronounce. I take naps to rid of headaches instead of pills.

These are just the simple ways I try to live a holistic lifestyle that is healthy for my mind, body and soul. This is what works for me spiritually and
as a human being.

~ by omonaij on July 22, 2014.

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