5 reasons I love summer in Edmonton (and you should too)

I recently went to one of my best friends’ wedding in Halifax (where I used to live) and realized I was a walking ad for Edmonton when I was there. I was preaching all good things about my new city (OK, maybe not so new, I’ve been living here for almost 5 yrs) at a car rental place, stores at the mall, airport, wedding and everywhere else, so much that the City of Edmonton should hire me for a recruitment/tourism-related position. Honestly, I’ve grown to love this city, and even more so in summer time.

Summer in Edmonton is loads of fun! There’s so much to do, see, and eat than you can keep up with. To narrow it down, here are my five favourite things that make summer in Edmonton unforgettable (in no special order).

5 reasons I love summer in Edmonton and you should too_Edmonton Patio Season_Sugar Bowl













5. – PATIOS: If you know anything about this city, you’ve probably already realized how much Edmontonians love their outdoor patios. Restaurants and lounges just aren’t the same without them. Whether I’m meeting an acquaintance for tea, having dinner with the girls to commence our girls’ night out or enjoying a date with my hubby, patios play a big part in my overall experience at any eateries in the summer months. Lucky for me, there’s tons of patios in Edmonton for me to lounge at, especially around Jasper Avenue and White Avenue.

5 reasons I love summer in Edmonton and you should too_Edmonton river valley trails













4. – RIVER VALLEY: I LOVE having a body of water wherever I live, and I’m happy there’s one in Edmonton. The North Saskatchewan River valley parks system is the perfect oasis in the middle of an urban jungle like Edmonton. With over 20 parks, 22 ravines and 11 lakes, no wonder they call it the “Ribbon of Green”. Mind you, the river itself is a little dirty and murky, but, you forget all of that when you take a stroll through any of the trails around the river. It’s so beautiful and serene. I’ve done the trails a few times, and now that I work downtown, I like to eat my lunch at any spot I can find along the river. I feel at peace, and it re-energizes me for the rest of the day in a cool, calm way. I also like to run/jog along the river valley (see the part about Trails).

5 reasons I love summer in Edmonton and you should too_Edmonton Parks_hawrelark park3. – PARKS: If there’s one thing Edmonton’s known for, it’s the amount of green space the city has, one of the largest in North America. Edmonton has a park for all kinds of activities: if you want to do weekend camping, throw a BBQ get-together with your family or friends, toss a frisbee around or take mini naps in-between reading your favourite novel. I especially love Rundle Park and Hawrelark Park. But my all-time favourite spot is the Ezio Faraone Park downtown by the Alberta Legislature and the city’s High Level bridge. It’s where the mini napping, bubble tea drinking, fruit eating, occasional exercising and blogging happen.


5 reasons I love summer in Edmonton and you should too_Edmonton festivals2. – FESTIVALS: Ask me and I might be able to give you a list of only about 10 festivals and events in Edmonton. But if you do your research, you really find out why Edmonton is crowned the “City of Festivals”. There’re plenty of festivals all year around throughout the city to enjoy. I prefer going to festivals from spring to fall so other than Ice of Whyte in the winter, I normally save my energy for Taste of Edmonton (a sampling of foods from local restaurants), K-Days (the city’s annual fair packed with fun rides), Heritage Festival (a multicultural event where you can taste foods, accessories, fashion, music and other delights from countries around the world), and Cariwest (Edmonton’s version of Toronto’s Caribana or West Indies carnival). There are way too many to list, including Fringe and Folk Fest (both of which I haven’t made my way to yet).

5 reasons I love summer in Edmonton and you should too_Edmonton trails1. – TRAILS
: I heart running and exercising outside. And that’s exactly what I do every year from spring through fall. Come May, I cancel my gym membership and take my workout to trails around the city. I especially love non-concrete trails, which are much easier on me since I have severe runner’s knees. You can find all kinds of trails throughout the city, concrete or dirt trails; trails at along the river valley or other parks; and trails for running, walking, biking or Segway-ing. I have a unique appreciation for Edmonton trails because they save me money, motivate me to be outdoors and help me savour the little moments with my hubby (we have some of the best conversations while strolling through the woods).

So there you have it, five things you can definitely enjoy in Edmonton during the summer months.

~ by omonaij on August 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “5 reasons I love summer in Edmonton (and you should too)”

  1. very interesting! I just moved here from Toronto and i’ve only been taking the city in bit by bit.

    • You came at the perfect time. SO much to do. I’m in love with this city from May to October…lots of happenings: City events, private functions, individual fun stuff, or friends!!!!

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