How to NOT obsess about your hair length

hair length

Stop nagging your hair and stressing that it isn’t long enough. Forget about length, focus on health instead. That’s the mantra I go by, especially since I did (yet another) big chop in fall 2012. Since then, I find that focusing more on health instead of length is actually more fun and attainable—and everything else (length) falls into place after that.

I’m probably the last person who should be writing a blog post about how to not obsess about your hair length because I don’t care much for long hair, I never did. I can chop two or more inches off my hair without blinking (to me, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back). I wasn’t always smart about REALLY taking care of my hair either. If you read the My NaPpY Roots section of this blog, you’d know that I’ve had my share of “the big chop”. It isn’t that my hair doesn’t grow. It grows well, as long as I consistently give it what it needs: hydration, nutrients, a good trim, and protection. These are my thoughts for anyone who’s obsessing about their hair length. So here are my suggestions, wrapped up story of my natural hair journey.

I stopped putting relaxer and other harmful chemicals in my hair about 10 years ago. These years can be divided into three eras: 1) the early years era, 2) the traveling and backpacking era, and 3) the young professional era.


I was au natural throughout university, but I wasn’t that concerned about the things I put in my hair and how I took care of it. At the time all I wanted to do was to stop perming my hair because it made it break A LOT, plus my hair didn’t look as beautiful as I liked when it was relaxed (it was too thin), the new growth annoyed me, and somehow, I had non-stop dandruff when I used to relax my hair. Long story short, I stopped relaxing my hair and lived in different types of braids with extensions instead. I kept my braids in for as long as I possibly could because hair was the last thing I wanted to be worrying about when I had four term papers and two tests all in the same three-week period. Yes, I did one thing right: protection. My hair was well protected throughout the hard Canadian winters, still I wasn’t paying attention to what I put in it

Hydration + Nutrients

The backpacking and traveling era was way more fun—and surprisingly easier. I lived in South Korea for two years and did a lot of traveling during and after that experience. Lucky (and surprising) for me, I found an older Nigerian couple and the wife did my hair at their home every once in a while when I wanted to do braids. Other than that, I wore two-strand twists a lot, which I did myself. That was around the time I started to really think about my hair and focus on keeping it as healthy as possible. My baby step began with EVOO! Extra virgin olive oil (evoo) was by best friend, and I used it on my hair and skin. That was when I started to take a more natural approach. I hydrated my hair regularly and feed it nutrients like coconut and vitamin e oils. My hair was full and lush. Even so, I wasn’t extremely conscious about my shampoos and conditioners. Worse, I got too comfortably with my flat iron. I’d sometimes flat iron my hair when I could’ve done a much safer style, and I’d flat iron it without using heat protector. I was that foolish throughout my first year of moving back to Canada. One summer, I flat ironed my hair at least once a week—without heat protector.

Hydrate + Feed + Trim + Protect

By the time the ‘young professional’ era rolled in, I felt like I’d earned a degree in all things natural hair. I’d learned a lot about how to really take care of natural hair from sulphate and paraben-free shampoos to homemade deep conditioners to DIY styling creams and everything else in-between. I can proudly say I’m a true naturalista when it comes to my hair. As much as I can, I use healthy, natural, chemical-free products in my hair. Best of all, I got rid of my flat iron! Now I have a regimen I follow to make sure my extremely dry, coarse hair gets what it needs: hydration, nutrients, a good trim, and protection.

My hair’s grown well since my last big chop in fall 2012. In summer 2013, it was about 1.5 inches long, and in summer 2014, it’s about 5 inches long.

~ by omonaij on September 22, 2014.

2 Responses to “How to NOT obsess about your hair length”

  1. Great tips, I’m starting a hairgrowth journey blog too.

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