How to make your own superfood smoothies

superfood smoothiesThere are two things I learned from the health-conscious people around me that I’ve always wanted to try: a detoxifying cleanse and veggie smoothies. I tried a body cleanse in October 2014 and I hated it (you can check out the post I wrote about the experience here). Before the cleanse, I started a very healthy love affair with superfood smoothies (no pun intended) in July. Ever since, I’ve been creative with my smoothies and enjoying every sip. And you can do the same.

It took me a while to actually take the plunge and try a superfood smoothie. I have staple veggies I can’t get enough like spinach, kale, and carrots. But in general, I don’t like veggies. I’m a fruit gal. Secondly, I didn’t think I’d like the combined taste of raw veggies and fruits plus a mix of other ingredients in a liquid form. But once I put all that aside, I definitely wasn’t sorry when I prepared and had my first smoothie. I liked it instantly and I only wished I had tried it sooner.

And the interesting thing is I started my superfood smoothie journey while I was on vacation. It was an impromptu act with a family member, and I kept up with it daily for the whole two weeks I was on holiday. Who starts a ‘healthy’ diet while they’re on vacation? If anything, my healthy-eating habits normally go down the drain when I go on vacations. What can I say, I do things in reverse sometimes—and there’s something about an unplanned decision like this that’s secretly rewarding. It’s the kind of feel-good-feeling you might get if you suddenly decided to start a healthy lifestyle in October and maintain it throughout the Christmas holidays instead of starting it AFTER the holidays like you had originally planned.

Rambling aside, you should consider these three things before you make your first glass of superfood smoothie:

  • Use healthy, whole foods ingredients that are in their most natural state instead of processed ingredients (for example, raw almonds instead of roasted, salted almonds).
  • Invest in good equipment. From a blender to measuring cups, make sure you have the right smoothie equipment you need. It could be the difference between having to chew half of your superfood smoothie because your blender doesn’t have a strong setting that can grind/blend to pure smoothness all the ingredients you dump in it.
  • Consider incorporating superfood smoothies into your diet. You can have a healthy smoothie more regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle regimen or just something you enjoy every once in a while.

Now let’s get started.superfood smoothies

Some people are very specific about the order in which they put their smoothie ingredients into the blender. I’m not one of those people. Here are the things you’ll need for your superfood smoothie.

Equipment: Get all your equipment together and ready to make the smoother such as a blender, measuring cups, and all the ingredients you’ll be using.

Liquid: I often use only water and sometimes water plus coconut milk. You can try other options like almond, flax, hemp milk or even cooled tea. Measure whichever liquid you choose and pour it into the blender.

Superfoods: Flaxseeds is a staple ingredient in my smoothies. I like to buy it in bulk, blend a lot of it at a time and store it in a container for use when I’m making my smoothies or to sprinkle on a yogurt parfait and things like that. I also add to my smoothies raw nuts and seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and almond. I recently started to also add chia seeds and I’m getting used to the taste it adds. You can try other superfoods like acai and goji berries or plain cocoa powder.

Veggies: Spinach and kale are my go-to veggies. I could eat them all day no matter how you prepare them. You could also try arugula, romaine, collards or Swiss chard.

(Frozen) fruits: I love berries! I buy a bag (about 1.75-2 kg) of frozen berries and it normally lasts me a whole month. I don’t need to use a whole lot each time I make a smoothie because my superfood smoothie is packed with many other ingredients. Sometimes, I add a banana or an avocado too. If you don’t want to buy a frozen fruits bag with preselected fruits, you can buy the fruits you like individually (mangoes, peaches, cherries), dice them if/as needed, toss them in one big or smaller Ziploc bags, and store in the freezer for use. Viola, you’ve got your homemade frozen fruits.

Protein powder: I haven’t been adding protein powder to my smoothies but I think I’m going to start doing so for exercise purposes. I’m working out three days a week this winter and adding protein powder to my smoothie would be a good way to help out my body. Also, protein powder is good for thickening a smoothie, making it creamier.

Ice: I normally don’t add ice to my smoothie because I don’t like cold drinks, especially in the winter. But if you like ice, you could try something other than water ice cubes. Instead, freeze almond or coconut milk in ice cube trays and use those.

How to blend a smoothie

Depending on the kind of blender you use, it may not matter how you blend. I don’t have one of those high-end smoothie blenders. I use a regular one instead and I find that my smoothie is more consistent and I’m not chewing un-grind seeds or leafy greens when I start from low to high (my blender has numbers 6 through 10, 6 being the weakest and 10 the strongest). I press #6 for about a minute, #7 for about half a minute and #10 for another one minute. That often does it.

I hope this blog post helps you out if you’re considering trying a superfood smoothie or if you’re looking for ways to boost your current superfood smoothies recipes. Remember, you can get creative and change up the ingredients however you like. At the end of the day, you’re the one drinking it, so make sure it’s a darn good smoothie you can put up your feet or curl up to while enjoying every little sip.

~ by omonaij on November 16, 2014.

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