5 signs your transition to natural hair is going well

5 signs your transition to natural hair is going wellCongrats, you’re on your way to a more holistic approach to hair health! The journey might be a little bumpy at first, but things will get better over time, especially once you’ve fully transitioned to natural hair and you’ve created and mastered regular routines that work for you and discovered healthy natural hair products you can even make yourself (KA CHING! That’s money saving right there.). If at this point you’re only thinking/researching about transitioning to natural hair and haven’t exactly started the transition yet, that’s OK too—it’s all part of the journey.

I’ve been wearing my hair un-relaxed since 2003/04. No, that doesn’t mean my hair is as long as Rapunzel’s by now. What it means is that I’ve had my share of the famously known ‘the big chop’ and I’ve improved over the years in the way I care for my hair. Not only do I rock my hair un-permed, I also use only pure, natural products on it, staying away from harmful chemicals you find in most commercial hair products. I make my own natural hair care products that work for me, and I have a regular routine that help me manage and keep my hair healthy and happy.

Whether you’re already on your way to being a naturalista or simply thinking about it, here are some things that let you know you’re moving in the right direction.

  1. You feel good and more comfortable in your own skin

There are a lot of pressures from society about what beautiful is and means. Unfortunately, we’ve been made to believe that kinky, coily, natural hair is not beautiful. We see this in the media (TV shows, ads, movies, books ect) all the time and even worse, we may hear friends and family talk that way too about natural hair. Heck, there are people who don’t want to date a woman who embraces her hair in all its nappy glory (their loss, not yours). For these reasons, some people may feel embarrassed about wearing their hair natural. If you ever felt that way in the slightly bit but not anymore, that’s how you can tell you’re getting the hang of this whole naturalista thing. Congrats on this new found confidence!

  1. You put less chemicals in your hair

For me, having natural hair means many things, but most importantly it means that: 1) I don’t relax my hair or do anything to it that tamper with its natural state, and 2) I use only pure/natural ingredients and products in my hair that are free of harmful chemicals. If you feel the same way, and you’ve done your research and/or started incorporating more chemical-free products into your hair routine/regimen, then you’re doing just fine. Being a true naturalist is about strong healthy hair, length is secondary.

  1. You see a positive change in your hair and its health

I’ve experimented a lot with my hair, which is why I’ve had about three big chops since I’ve been natural (since 2003/04). But once you find a regimen, routine and products that meet your needs, it’s worthwhile to stick with that and you’ll begin to see results. For me, a number one priority is that my hair is healthy at all times. These days, my hair is full, lush and healthy and has a nice sheen to it. It always looks like it’s being hydrated and fed well. My hair looks strong and vibrant, not dull and withered.

  1. You find it’s getting easier to manage your hair everyday

Like most things in life, being a naturalist takes patience and practice. If your primary goal is length (which isn’t a bad thing) you might exhaust your patience quicker than if you focus on overall health (you may achieve length, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your hair is healthy. If you achieve health, your hair is bound to grow). With some practice, you’ll learn to create a natural hair regimen/routine that works best for you.

  1. You take advantage of the countless number of hairstyles you can rock

This should be the least of your worries, whether you have teeny weeny afro (TWA) or hair down to your butt. But how to style natural hair is actually most people’s concerns (especially hairstyles for work). There are many resources out there you can tap into for hairstyle like YouTube and Pinterest. If you’ve found a way around this problem that’s a headache for most people, then you’re definitely on your way to being a naturalista.

I hope this blog post gives you some boost to not give up on the natural hair journey—whether you’ve already started or thinking about it. If you have other ways to measure how your transition to natural hair is going, share your thoughts in the comment box.

~ by omonaij on January 25, 2015.

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