about me

First-generation Nigerian. Straight-shooter realist. A love story preacher girl who falls in love over and over again with her culture, her heritage…her motherland and its authentic history.

My love of writing and learning made me start this blog in 2012. It was a new year resolution that I’ve managed to keep this long. I’m an immigrant to this great country of Canada (love it, except for the COLD), and that’s essentially what I blog about—what being an immigrant is like. I blog about Nigeria(ns), all things immigrants, natural hair, fitness, my daily experiences and whatever else comes to mind. I blog because:

  1. I love to write (and secretly wish I were a spoken word soultress).  I’m not awesome at writing poetries, I think it’s the process I enjoy the most about it. The ability to really open up your heart and let everything pour out, watch the words flow from the core of your mind, through your veins, and watch them dance their way through your fingers, your pen and unto the paper.  Blogging can be like that also. You know, when you write those authentic posts that really come from the heart.
  2. It’s one of the best ways to reflect, and strengthen my intrapersonal skills.
  3. I enjoy learning about different things, people and culture. And blogging helps me do that.
  4. I like to get my thoughts out on paper and share it with the world in hopes that whatever message I put out there helps someone else, puts a smile on their face, gives them a new perspective—and for any immigrants to say ‘yup, that sounds about right’ and then have a good laugh.
  5. Sharing my stories on this blog has led me to find people whose interests are similar to mine; people with moving stories, unique perspectives on things that interest me from recipes to politics, social issues to football and everything else in between. That’s why I blog. The opportunity to meet these great people, to journey and learn with them and vice versa, though we may never meet in person.

When I’m not blogging, football (not gridiron) is my first love; yoga is my best friend; and Track & Field is my lost love. Other loves include food (lots of it), photography (long time obsession) and off-the-beaten-path traveling (can’t get enough of it).

Check out the My Life in a Nutshell section if you want to find out more about me.

Thanks for stopping by.



Omo – Nigerian broken English for person, child

Naij / Naija / 9ja – short term, slang for Nigeria.


I share a new post every Sunday. So stop by for a new story, leave a comment and pass along the story. Happy Sunday 🙂

6 Responses to “about me”

  1. very cool !!! you have the best interests, outdoor-sy !!! im loving the theme of your blog. its awesome.

  2. Great, website, thanks for sharing. Cheers, Brad Scherger

  3. I just started getting more into yoga. Any tips?

    • hi thines16, i don’t have a tip per se but i’d say you get from yoga what you put into it. i’m such a zen person mentally and when it comes to that my two favourite words are serenity + carefree. Yoga helped (and still helps) me achieve that.

  4. hi Omonaij, I know its been a while you posted here.I and my hubby will be migrating to nova Scotia.Any useful information will be appreciated.Thank you

    • Hi Agnes, congrats on your move to Nova Scotia, it’s a beautiful place. If you have any particular questions about Nova Scotia, I’ll try my best to answer them.

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